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Detoxing through elimination

Today is day 6 of a 10 day detox that I'm facilitating for a small group of coaching clients, friends and family members. Anytime one of my clients is ready to do a detox, I have jumped in to participate myself while guiding the groups I put together.

This particular detox has been extremely challenging for me. Today is the first day I feel like my energy levels have returned to my usual high. Day 2, I spent in bed the majority of the day and the tiredness continued through day 3, and started to go away on day 4.

I eat really well, but I normally enjoy doing the detox, about once a year, to help me stay on top of my food choices.

People choose to do this elimination diet for different reasons, this time those reasons were to get off of sugar, eliminate bloating, try to eliminate a skin condition and to back off on an intense caffeine intake. So far, it seems to be going well for everyone involved, and when it hasn't, they've taken measures to adjust accordingly. We have a FB messenger group chat going to cover any questions people may have, and a FB group for people to post recipes or ideas. On that group, I've posted what we can eat on the detox, journaling prompts and audio clips of me reading from the book we're using as a guide.

After the 10 days is up, we'll start adding in the inflammatory foods that we eliminated, one at a time and record any symptoms or reactions we may have. By doing this, we are able to determine if a certain food agrees with us or is not a good idea.

This method is how I learned that I was clearly sensitive to gluten. It was not pretty! Bloating and stomach pains came swiftly upon adding it back into my diet, so I decided it wasn't worth it. Who knew I was chronically bloated?! That was the first detox I did, back in 2017. Since then, I've done one every year except for 2020. Each time I do it, I feel like I reach another level of good health; my energy levels increase, I feel lighter and more in control of what I put into my mouth.

I highly recommend a food elimination detox for anyone who thinks that their diet needs a reset. I'm all about sustainable eating practices, not diets.

Each time I put something in my mouth, I'm making a decision to support my health or not, it's pretty simple for me when I look at it like that. I love feeling healthy and controlling my well being through my food and lifestyle choices. I also love helping others learn to do the same.

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